The Marriage of True Minds

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ISBN13: 978-1737434306



The Marriage of True Minds is a cross-generational Georgian Era romantic romp. The haughty Dowager Countess of Stoneleigh is leading the courtly widower, Lord Wortham, on a merry chase. His son, Viscount Lynnhurst, wishes to rekindle his boyhood romance with a most unsuitable match, Sarah Compton, the daughter of an insufferable, but wealthy, tradesman. As a backdrop to the uncertain courtships is the steadfast marriage of the dowager's son, Geoffrey, the 3rd Earl of Stoneleigh, and his wife, Anne, who have five daughters and no heir. Doom hangs over their country estate, Harcroft Hall. Trauma, tears, and tender moments play out with all the pomp of the London Season.

“Viewers of the hit television show Downtown Abbey and fans of modern-day British royalty are certainly familiar with the pressure on aristocrats to produce an heir...(Field) beautifully captures the intimacy and mutual respect of Geoffrey and Anne's relationship and realistically presents the complicated dowager's many facets and motivations...The work even crosses genres: Field's detailed research offers a fine contribution to historical fiction, and her passionate love scenes will satisfy those seeking titillating romance...A feast for readers looking to taste the luxurious lifestyle of the English upper crust.”
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