The Course of True Love

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ISBN13: 978-1737434320



The Course of True Love is the third novel in the series about the Polite Society of Georgian England, which begins with The Marriage of True Minds and is followed by Love Is All Truth.

The Course of True Love...never did run smooth is too true in the third book of the series. John and Kitty, newly married, are at odds as they settle into life at Sudley Manor. Geoffrey and Anne, elated over her pregnancy, are unsettled by his older brother's continuing claims to the title. And Lady Joanna, making her London debut, is besieged by suitors: the Duke of Norfolk's heir, Lord Arundel, the most persistent; the absent Captain Hardwick, fighting in France; and her cousin Harry, protecting her honor from bumbling peers. And let's not forget Lord and Lady Wortham, who offer sage advice and a comforting presence, particularly so to Lord and Lady Lynnhurst when her father dies.

The London Season sparkles with masked balls, soirees, and endless innuendo. Who will rise above it?