Love Is All Truth

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ISBN13: 978-1737434313



Love Is All Truth—or is it?

In the continuation of the series beginning with The Marriage of True Minds, we rejoin the Chatswell-Brawleys as a pall hangs over Harcroft Hall--a daughter has died. Geoffrey's title, 3rd Earl of Stoneleigh, is under threat from the discovery of an older brother, Robert Church, whom he has never met, but can no longer ignore as his son, Henry—mistaken as Geoffrey's natural son—stumbles onto the London scene, stunning Polite Society. Into this setting waltzes Anne's clueless brother John, who is in search of a wife. Lady Joanna, barely out of the school room, forms an attachment to the dashing Captain Hardwick. And a shipwreck! out of the blue alters all their fates.

Welcome to the London Season in full swing!